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Solutions and Tools


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eShop equips you with your choice of tools, helping you sell online via a tailored eCommerce website, pre-integrated with AFS payment gateway.

Features include:

  • eInvoicing,
  • reporting dashboards,
  • recurring billing facility for subscription-based services,
  • elaborate reporting,
  • dashboards and
  • acceptance of a wide range of online payments.

Gear up your business to reach more customers, accept payments online, and sell your goods & services.


In-Store Payments

In-Store Payments let you grow your business and accept a variety of digital payments (tokenized cards, static and dynamic QR codes, digital wallets, NFC devices and contactless cards alongside a variety of schemes and payment methods). 


Full Scale POS Terminal

Offer your international customers dynamic currency conversion and benefit from merchant cash register integration with AFS state-of-the-art POS terminals. 


miniPOS Terminal

Expand your cashless ecosystem with AFS Go’s pocket sized miniPOS terminals - sleek, secure and portable terminals that offer your customers a frictionless payment experience, while helping you reduce costs.

  • Hassle free installation and setup.
  • All you need is a Wi-Fi connection to start processing different payments.
  • Process fast and secure payments. 


AFS Pay app transforms any Android mobile phone or tablet into a smart payment terminal. Give your customers the flexibility to pay for transactions in multiple ways (credit card or smart link transactions) including remote payments e.g. home delivery, eCommerce or social commerce without any need for new hardware or configurations - all from this 3D secure app. 

  • Greater transaction visibility via ready dashboard to track all transactions, view transactions by type, see a detailed transaction history, access how-to videos, and more.
  • Support a paperless environment by sharing receipts over email or SMS and generating payment links that can be shared via social media such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, SMS and email. 
  • Easy AFS Pay app download from the Play Store.


Digital Payroll

Distribute salaries digitally to support your unbanked employees.

This solution handles salary distribution digitally, instantly, and securely. Each employee gets a Mastercard branded pre-paid card which can be used to pay at any card-accepting retailer or withdraw money from any ATM. This solution provides business efficiencies to you and releases employees to do more productive tasks to help your business grow. This solution is tailored to businesses which pay salaries to unbanked employee by cash.