bwallet leading with another exclusive offer on movie tickets at Cineco
April 17, 2018
Manama, Bahrain: bwallet customers celebrate the ultimate value for money with another exclusive offer of “50% Cashback” on movie tickets at Cineco (offer valid until September, 2018). Currently the Cashback offer is exclusively available at Cineco Seef Mall, Seef District (Seef 1 and Seef 2) and soon to be available across Cineco’s in Bahrain.

bwallet, the first wallet in Bahrain to provide peer-to-peer money transfer, was launched earlier this year. Customers can scan a QR code for seamless merchant transactions and enjoy secure cashless payments with exclusive benefits through their mobile phones.


AFS CEO B Chandrasekhar announced “This innovative payment service coupled with exclusive offers has placed bwallet as the leader in the digital payments sector across Bahrain. We are proud of our partnership with Cineco and we continue to strive in providing our bwallet customers with the best offers.”


COO of Cineco, Bayalan Sunil Balan added “bwallet customers and movie enthusiasts have the advantage of receiving a 50% Cashback offer at Cineco Seef Mall, Seef District (Seef 1 and Seef 2). Digital banking and customer centricity must add value and satisfaction to the end customers by offering a seamless banking experience which goes far in product and service offerings. Cineco is proud to be part of the digital transformation and shift in consumer purchasing behaviours and we look forward to our continued business relationship with bwallet.”


Left to right: Shiraz Ali Director of Frictionless Payments, AFS; Mr B Chandrasekhar - CEO, AFS; Mr Bayalan Sunil Balan - COO, Cineco; Kunal Taneja- Head of Operational Risk and Information Security, AFS; Pranay Upadhyay Manager of Merchant Services, AFS.