As a leading provider of payments and fintech solutions for all our customers, AFS delivers its promise to both banking and non-banking institutions. With over 35 years of experience providing solutions across credit & debit card processing, EMV & contactless personalization and host of value added services, AFS in a short time has covered significant ground in the fintech and merchant acquisition space. 
• Credit & Debit Card Processing and EMV & Contactless Personalization: End-to-end cost-effective card processing & personalization solutions including logistics and support.

• Fintech: Ahead of the curve launches in mobile payments 

• Merchant Acquiring: World class payment acceptance solutions that support international and domestic payment schemes and fintech payment options such as contactless cards, NFC, QR, biometric, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and mobile wallets (including the AFS mobile payments solution BPay). The AFS smart Android-based, integrated POS terminals are innovative all-in-one payment solutions that come with a host of value-added benefits such as acceptance of all major card schemes, multi-lane integration for hypermarkets, real-time dynamic currency conversion, loyalty programs, easy payment plans, analytics, bill payment and merchant lending.
24/7 Contact Centre
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AFS provides a full-fledged 24/7 Contact Centre service. The Contact Centre can be customized to match the particular requirements of each institution. A few highlights...
Prepaid Card Processing
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General Consumer Includes cards such as gift and petty cash cards supporting online or in-store purchases.   Teen/Youth Spending For teens or youths who may not have an...
Debit Card Processing and ATM / POS Driving
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The operations include: EFT switching Visa/MasterCard, Diners Club, and Amex Gateway Services ATM and POS driving Chip card capabilities Debit card...
EMV and Contactless Personalization
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Outsourcing the production of EMV compliant chip cards enables you to take advantage of AFS’ personalization expertise, which is a cost-effective solution compared to...
Credit Card Processing
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Backed by expert business and technical personnel, we offer Principal Member banks a wide range of bureau processing services through an online access to our state-of-the-art card...
Fintech Services
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Ahead of the curve launches in Fintech area: - BPay, the first mobile wallet in the region - EasyPay, Bahrain’s first NFC payment services Other mobile based...
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BPay is a digital wallet solution that enables consumers, merchants, and corporations to make and receive their payments in an easy, fast, and secure way via their...

Value Added Services