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In accordance with the Law no 33 for the year 2021 amending Decree-Law no (48) for the year 2018 regarding the Value Added Tax (VAT) Law of the Kingdom of Bahrain, the VAT standard rate will be amended to 10% effective 1st of January 2022.

AFS will comply with this new regulatory VAT rate amendment and look forward to your continued support going forward.  Please review the following points:
VAT changes:
  • Such changes pertaining to the VAT, would be applied on top of your existing AFS merchant agreement terms and conditions effective 1 January 2022
  • Your continued use of AFS PoS solutions and services will be considered as an acceptance to the change of our existing merchant agreements
  • AFS will charge and collect the required 10% VAT effective 1 January 2022
  • We are complying with the Kingdom of Bahrain’s VAT Law and is not in a position to dismiss the implementation of amended VAT rates
Daily Statements and TAX Invoice:
  • The changes to the VAT will be reflected on your daily statement and reports
Transitional Guide:
  • To ensure that the VAT provisions are properly applied, transitional rules will apply between the 5% and 10% VAT rates. In accordance with the NBR's VAT rate change transitional provisions guide, AFS will recover any VAT not collected at the time of getting certain advance that relates to the delivery/supply of good and services to be made on or after 1 January 2022 (wherever applicable).
  • We will be updating you with new developments relating to the VAT in the Kingdom of Bahrain. For further information, please visit the NBR website National Bureau For Revenue - Home (nbr.gov.bh)
Merchant Service Fees:
  • AFS will reinstate the merchant service fees on the local debit card transactions in accordance with the agreed rates on the AFS Merchant Agreement (“Agreement”) effective 1 January 2022.
For further enquiries, please contact Merchant Care Team at email merchants.afs@afs.com.bh or telephone 17299444

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