EMV and Contactless Personalization
AFS is an established personalization center and is certified to produce magnetic and chip cards by both Visa and MasterCard. To meet the growing demand for customized solutions, we even provide contactless card personalization to our customers.
Outsourcing the production of EMV compliant chip cards enables you to take advantage of AFS’ personalization expertise, which is a cost-effective solution compared to setting up the process in-house.
We can also provide logistic and other support services to enhance your process:
  • Auto statement printing
  • Insertion and automailing
  • Dispatch of cards and related material
  • Logistic management
In today’s competitive market scenario, the survival and success of customer service organizations rests on the competitive edge they acquire by way of innovative technology. To implement a quick turnaround, get in touch with us now and find out how AFS can enable you with the most competitive price and quickest market solution.  

AFS offers clients state-of-the-art capabilities to do contactless card personalization in addition to conventional card personalization. AFS is equipped with machines that can produce a variety of cards to suit the needs of our banks.