Loyalty Solutions
AFS invested in a state-of-the-art Loyalty Management System, which enables customers to earn rewards points and redeem them across a range of services including:
  1. 300+ airlines
  2. 200,000 + hotels
  3. Restaurants
  4. 150,000+ car rentals
  5. Major retailers
 We offer a complete end-to-end loyalty service:
  1. Customer self-care portal for instant redemption
  2. No agreements or integration required with individual airlines, hotels, etc.
  3. Complete management of earn rates and burn rates (cost per mile)
  4. Complete accrual engine & a CRM engine attached
  5. No online integration required with any of the bank’s systems
  6. Launches in 120 days
Visit us soon to hear about loyalty programs on smart cards instant redemptions and “offer of the moment”, etc. We bring you the “best and first”.